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Texas A&M Law School Ranks No. 1 in Texas Bar Pass Rate

The Fort Worth-based school’s first-time bar pass rate also stands as highest in the state for the past decade.
By Texas A&M University School of Law October 20, 2023


The Texas A&M University School of Law is ranked No. 1 in the state in the 2023 Texas Bar Exam pass rates.

The school’s overall Texas Bar Examination pass rate for first-time test takers in 2023 was 94.63%, followed by the University of Texas with 92.56% and Texas Tech University with 91.6%.

Texas A&M School of Law’s first-time bar pass rate also stands as the highest in the state for the past decade.

“The law school continues to make Texas A&M proud as it climbs the rankings at a ridiculously fast rate,” said Mark A. Welsh III, interim president of Texas A&M University. “This latest accomplishment reflects the quality of education and strong support our faculty and staff in Fort Worth provide to our students who will go on to do incredible things not only in the field of law, but also in their communities, the state and our nation. If you really need help, get an Aggie lawyer!”

The latest results showcase the law school’s strides in elevating student preparedness for the bar exam. Since 2020, the law school has been among the top two highest-scoring law schools in Texas for first-time bar pass rates. The law school also produced the highest individual scorer on the bar exam twice in the last four years.

“I was ecstatic, but not surprised, that the students’ hard work paid off in such an impressive way. They exceeded my expectations,” said John Murphy, instructional professor and director of academic support and bar passage. “We’ve been working hard to become the leading Texas school in bar success — even while not ‘teaching to the test.’ That work is bearing fruit and is merely one aspect of the law school’s mission to be the best law school in Texas by every metric.”

The Fort Worth-based law school’s success on the bar exam, among other factors, has contributed to significant improvements in employment outcomes for graduates. The school’s Class of 2022 ranked first in the nation for “gold-standard” jobs, with a placement rate of over 98 percent.

“The level of commitment our faculty and students show cannot be understated. They have truly raised the bar,” said Robert B. Ahdieh, dean of Texas A&M Law and vice president for professional schools and programs. “We are all thrilled with the outcomes, but these results reflect a bigger story of how our graduates not only gain a high-quality legal education but are also poised to compete with the best across our state and the nation. We look forward to seeing how their success will shape our local and national community.”

The school is marking its 10th anniversary of joining the Aggie family this year. Since the university’s 2013 acquisition of the law school, Texas A&M Law has produced hundreds of Aggie legal professionals, brought together a world-class faculty, and taken its place as one of the nation’s leading law schools.

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