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New Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Stations Installed On Texas A&M Campus

The DC fast chargers are available for public use in Lot 47.
By Caitlin Clark, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications April 25, 2024

A white truck charging at one of the new Level 3 stations.
Eight parking spots in Lot 47 are designated for electric vehicle charging.

Laura McKenzie/Texas A&M Division of Marketing and Communications


Texas A&M University Transportation Services has installed four new electric vehicle charging stations that are available for public use in Lot 47.

Located at the northeast corner of the parking lot adjacent to Polo Road Garage, each of the stations can charge two vehicles at the same time. They’re the first Level 3 stations on campus, and officials say users can expect exponentially faster charging times.

“We are proud to be counted among an elite handful of colleges and universities to provide public Level 3 electric vehicle charging on campus,” said Debbie Lollar, interim associate vice president of Transportation Services. “We believe the implementation of these fast charge stations will provide a valuable service to our community, and to students, faculty, staff, guests and fans who bring electric vehicles to Texas A&M University.”

The 31 existing EV chargers on main campus — and the six at the RELLIS Campus — are Level 2 chargers. Byron Prestridge, manager for sustainable transportation at Transportation Services, explained that the Level 3 charging stations are different in that they convert alternating current (AC) power to direct current (DC) power. He said this allows for the delivery of more power to an electric vehicle at a faster rate — a Level 3 charger can deliver more power in 30 minutes than a Level 2 might deliver over several hours.

There has been growing demand for more EV charging options on campus over the past few years, Prestridge said. As of the end of March, 23,800 charging sessions have been logged at existing stations across campus.

“The DC chargers are a really big deal, because it’s an emergent technology,” Prestridge said. “You don’t see many of them around here in town.”

Lollar said the new chargers were made possible through a donation by former student H.W. (Bill) Clark ’74.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Clark for his generous donation contributed in honor of Hoyt C. Clark,” Lollar said. “His valuable support made the installation of these electric vehicle chargers on our campus possible, and is instrumental in advancing our commitment to sustainability.”

A close up of the new EV charging stations at the back of Lot 47.
The new charging stations are the first Level 3 chargers on the Texas A&M campus.

Laura McKenzie/Texas A&M Division of Marketing and Communications


The new stations from provider EVGateway are the fastest charging options on campus with up to 120 kilowatt hours of power available from each of the four towers. Load management controls allow two vehicles to share a single tower, coordinating with each vehicle’s load management suite to deliver the right amount of power.

“We are thrilled to partner with Texas A&M to launch the new DC fast charging stations at Texas A&M University, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards a sustainable future,” said EvGateway President Reddy Marri. “At EvGateway, we are committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by providing state-of-the-art charging solutions that cater to the needs of today’s drivers. These fast chargers are not just about powering vehicles, they’re about energizing the community and propelling Texas A&M to the forefront of innovation in e-mobility. We are proud to play a role in shaping the future of transportation, making electric vehicle charging more accessible, efficient and convenient.”

The eight parking spots designated for the charging stations are open to the public and do not require a permit, but are limited to active charging only. The maximum allowed charging period is 90 minutes.

“Because these are so fast, it will be critical that when your charge is done, you come and move your vehicle,” Prestridge said. “You put your phone number in at the start, and as soon as your charging session is done, whether that’s through timeout or you’ve reached your maximum charge capacity, you will get a text message. Then you’re given 15 minutes to move your car.”

Users who do not move their vehicles within the 15 minute grace period will be charged an inactivity fee and/or be subject to ticketing.

There are three ways to initiate a session:

  • Download the EVGateway app and sign up.
  • Scan the QR code on the standard instructions decal sticker on the front of each charger and enter your credit card information.
  • Call EVGateway’s 24/7 hotline support number at 949-945-2000 to start a charging session.

For more information about EV charging on campus, visit the Transportation Services website.

Media contact: Tad Fifer, Texas A&M Transportation Services,

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