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Pre-Screening Of Film Featuring Aggie Former Student This Week At Rudder Forum

“It Lives Inside” co-stars former marketing student Mohana Krishnan who says she’s excited to see how fellow Aggies respond to the new film.
By Texas A&M University Division of Marketing and Communications September 12, 2023

the cast of It Lives Inside at its premiere at SXSW
Former student Mohana Krishnan (center) with fellow “It Lives Inside” cast members.

Courtesy of NEON


MSC Aggie Cinema at Texas A&M University, partnered with QC Entertainment and NEON, welcome Texas A&M students, staff and faculty to a free pre-release screening of the new horror/psychosocial thriller film, “It Lives Inside” on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 7 p.m. at Rudder Forum.

The movie, which opens nationwide on Sept. 22, co-stars Mohana Krishnan, a former Texas A&M marketing student who says she’s thrilled that the film will be screened on campus. “It’s super exciting that A&M is doing a pre-release,” Krishnan said. “I had a great time at the school and actually completed some of my courses from there while filming this movie. I can’t wait for my friends and peers from Texas A&M to finally get to see this film. This movie is super special and explores a unique take on the horror genre, bringing in Indian culture. I hope everyone loves it!”

“It Lives Inside” stars Megan Suri as the main character “Sam,” who struggles with her cultural identity while navigating life in an American community. When a mythological demonic spirit begins to take victims in Sam’s town, she relies on the knowledge and traditions of her cultural community to contain the spirit and save her best friend.

Working For Hollywood, From Aggieland

Texas A&M was selected for the film’s college preview tour thanks in part to the work of Elizabeth Drake ’26. A sophomore agricultural communications and journalism major from Kingwood, Texas. Drake is supporting QC Entertainment with social media and promotions for the film and was instrumental in bringing it to campus.

Elizabeth Drake '26 with cohorts at the films SXSW premiere
Elizabeth Drake ’26 with cohorts at the film’s SXSW premiere

Courtesy photo


“I was excited to be part of the world premiere of this movie at SXSW,” Drake said. “When I heard they were doing a college tour, I immediately pitched my idea to bring it to Texas A&M. Not only do we have a large diverse student population, but the supporting actress, Mohana Krishnan, is a rising star and former student.” QC agreed and Drake began to coordinate with MSC Aggie Cinema and NEON, the distribution company, to make her idea a reality.

The film premiered at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival and was voted by festival goers as the recipient of the Midnighters Audience Choice Award.

QC is best known for producing the Jordan Peele blockbusters “Get Out” and “Us.”

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