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Texas A&M Announces Global Cyber Research Institute

Former student Ray Rothrock and other donors are instrumental in helping elevate the university as a cybersecurity leader through $10 million combined gift.
By Bailey Payne ’19, Texas A&M Foundation September 19, 2022

Ray Rothrock '77
Ray Rothrock ’77

Texas A&M Foundation

In a proactive move that promises to elevate Texas A&M University as an international leader in cybersecurity research and education, President M. Katherine Banks announced the founding of The Texas A&M Global Cyber Research Institute.

Described as a visionary effort to address opportunities and challenges presented by the digitally connected world, the institute was conceived and funded by Texas A&M former student Ray Rothrock ’77 and others with gifts totaling $10 million through the Texas A&M Foundation. In alignment with Texas A&M’s land-grant mission, the institute will conduct high-impact research on threats to and protections for the nation’s security and economy while uniquely preparing students to excel in the ever-growing cybersecurity field.

The institute is a joint collaboration between the university and a Texas A&M University System engineering research agency, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES). TEES and Texas A&M University are also home to the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center, a national center of excellence.

“The addition of the Texas A&M Global Cyber Research Institute positions Texas A&M as a hub for cybersecurity research and education. It builds upon the strong base of Texas A&M’s Cybersecurity Center and will help us educate the cybersecurity leaders of the future,” said President M. Katherine Banks. “We thank Ray Rothrock and those donors for their generosity to their university and commitment to the security of our nation.”

Tyson Voelkel ’96, president of the Texas A&M Foundation, emphasized the institute’s potential to not only prepare students for careers in cybersecurity but also to raise awareness of cyber threats among students across all disciplines.

“Cybersecurity is a concern for businesses, our economy and our national security that affects both the public and private sector,” Voelkel said. “Texas A&M is one of the country’s top universities and is uniquely positioned to educate its students in the cybersecurity sphere.”

In addition to interdisciplinary instruction, the institute will carry out cutting-edge research on topics such as government and corporate cyber vulnerabilities, effective security policy, and methods of developing and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure in the face of mounting cyber threats.

“There’s no better place for this institute than Texas A&M,” Rothrock said. As a nationally recognized venture capitalist, former cyber company CEO and author of “Digital Resilience” (2018, Harper Collins), Rothrock often publicly advocates for heightened urgency among businesses and institutions to address cyber threats. “The university already leads in many fields that touch cybersecurity, from education and technology to policy. Eventually, we want this institute to be the go-to place for expertise on all things cyber.”

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