Texas A&M Leadership To The Aggie Community: ‘Be An Ally’

As the COVID-19 pandemic is causing major disruptions in our lives, Texas A&M leaders remind Aggies that now more than ever, we must live our core values.
By Texas A&M University March 25, 2020

A graphic featuring the words When you hear hateful speech, attempt to teach, followed by Be An Ally

Dearest Aggies,

Aggies share a bond like no other. During this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, there is uncertainty and frustration. And yet, living our core values will ALWAYS carry us through.

Even as we are separated by distance and connected virtually, discrimination and harassment are still occurring, including in our campus community in online groups and social media. This harms everyone involved—the targets, the bystanders, and Texas A&M. Messages of hate, bullying, racism and/or xenophobic or sinophobic remarks about fellow Aggies or others fly in the face of our core values. An Aggie is an Aggie and no virus should destroy our spirit of camaraderie or ability to lift each other up.

At Texas A&M, we develop leaders who value excellence, loyalty, and respect. Bigotry and violence in our com­munity is abhorrent and irreconcilable with the core values we hold most dear. Students, faculty, staff, former stu­dents, law enforcement, university leaders, and community members — As we value respect, we must be certain that our behaviors exemplify respect in every way and all of the time.

Be an ally. When hate is directed at a particular group, it is not only that group that is harmed. Hate destroys entire communities; it impacts us all. When possible, teach. Work to shift discriminatory thinking.

Engage in bystander intervention. Hateful discourse and behaviors can be shut down if just one person speaks up. A simple comment like, “don’t say/do that, that’s not ok” has the potential to go a long way. Your intervention may encourage someone else to stand-up and intercede the next time they witness racist comments and perfor­mances that perpetuate discrimination and hate.

Report incidents of hate through the StopHate Portal, The Aggie Network is a half million strong, with approximately 70,000 current students and 430,000 former students. If each one of us calls out hate, we can make extraordinary progress in creating and maintaining affirming, respectful communities that everyone is entitled to enjoy.

Aggies, we can communicate decisively and demonstrate our Core Values by embracing inclusion and rejecting hate.

Pass it back, Ags. We’re in this together!


Michael K. Young, President
Carol A. Fierke, Provost and Executive Vice President
Robert B. Ahdieh, Dean, School of Law
Joyce M. Alexander, Dean, College of Education and Human Development
John R. August, Interim Dean, School of Public Health
Katherine Banks, Dean, College of Engineering
Mark A. Barteau, Vice President for Research
Michael Benedik, Vice Provost and Chief International Officer
Ross Bjork, Director of Athletics
David H. Carlson, Dean, University Libraries
Dee Childs, Vice President for Information Technology
Robin Means Coleman, Vice President for Diversity
Nancy Fahrenwald, Dean, College of Nursing
Michael E. Fossum, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer-Texas A&M Galveston
Eleanor M. Green, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Greg Hartman, Vice Chancellor & Interim Senior Vice President for the Health Science Center
Shane Hinckley, Vice President for Brand Development
Valen E. Johnson, Dean, College of Science
Eli Jones, Dean, Mays Business School
Patrick Louchouarn, Vice President for Academic Affairs-Texas A&M Galveston
Blanca Lupiani, Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost
Pamela R. Matthews, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Kevin McGinnis, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
Andy Morris, Vice President for Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
Michael G. O’Quinn, Vice President for Government Relations
Joseph P. Pettibon II, Vice President for Enrollment & Academic Services
Daniel J. Pugh Sr., Vice President for Student Affairs
Indra K. Reddy, Dean, Rangel College of Pharmacy
Jeff Risinger, Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness
Amy Burns Smith, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Michael Stephenson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Patrick J. Stover, Vice Chancellor & Dean, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Jerry R. Strawser, Executive Vice President for Finance & Operations
Debbie Thomas, Dean, College of Geosciences
Jorge A. Vanegas, Dean, College of Architecture
Amy L. Waer, Interim Dean, College of Medicine
Mark A. Welsh III, Dean, Bush School of Government & Public Service
Lawrence E. Wolinsky, Dean, College of Dentistry
C.J. Woods, Associate Vice President & Chief of Staff to the President

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