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Texas A&M Hockey To Face UT Jan. 5 At Cotton Bowl

The ‘Texas Showdown’ matchup will feature the Aggies and Longhorns in the historic Cotton Bowl in Dallas.
By Keith Randall, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications December 18, 2019

a Texas A&m hockey player skates in the ice
Texas A&M Ice Hockey will play the University of Texas in the “Texas Showdown” matchup on Jan. 5 in Dallas.

Courtesy of Jacob Norwood


Texas A&M University and the University of Texas will face off in the ice rink on Jan. 5 when the schools’ hockey teams play in the “Texas Showdown” match at the historic Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

The Aggies and Longhorns will square off at 5:15 p.m. in the 90-year-old Cotton Bowl, and despite the 92,000 seating capacity, seats will be limited because a number of sections will be roped off for the event. The game will be played on an outdoor ice rink four days after the National Hockey League Winter Classic game on New Year’s Day. The event will be non-ticketed and will last about one hour.

“This game isn’t necessarily significant for a championship, but each year the Aggies play the Longhorns for the Texas Cup, pretty much a sign of bragging rights between the schools for the rest of the season,” said Jacob Norwood, a player from Haslet, Texas and the Aggies’ public relations officer.

“This event is huge in growing hockey in Texas, seeing that the two biggest universities are facing off at one of the biggest stadiums in Texas. It’s great for young kids and people who want to see Texas hockey grow.”

During the season, the Aggies play locally at the Spirit Ice Arena, not far from the College Station campus, and this season have played schools including Texas Christian University, University of North Texas, Texas State University, Dallas Baptist University, University of Texas at El Paso and San Jose State University.

The Texas A&M hockey team first started in 1982, but did not gain sport club status in the Department of Recreational Sports until 2001. Since then, the team has made numerous appearances in the American Collegiate Hockey Association playoffs. The Aggies have a current record of 14-4.

“I think that this game is a really good opportunity for those kids who may not know what their next step is to look into Texas hockey because we’re playing on possibly the biggest stage, outdoors, at the Cotton Bowl,  just like teams up north do,” said Colin Butler, assistant captain from Madison, Wisconsin.

Added Huston Svondrk, assistant captain from Richardson: “I can’t think of a bigger stage to end my college career than playing at the Cotton Bowl where there’s so much history as it is, and getting to play on the same sheet of ice that NHL players do.”

For more information about the Texas Showdown game and more about the Texas A&M team, visit the Texas A&M ice hockey website.

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