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Reduce Parking Ticket Fees With ‘Donations For Citations’ Through April 14

April 4, 2017

donations for citations

By Texas A&M University Transportation Staff

Want to give back to the community and get a break on your parking citation?

Texas A&M University Transportation Services is hosting “Donations for Citations,” where customers with any parking citation issued before April 3, with a balance due, can donate non-perishable canned goods, dry goods, diapers and personal care items to receive a designated dollar amount up to $30 towards their citation fee. Donations are accepted in 108 Koldus April 3-14. Donations are also open to those without a citation.

  • Ten items =$30 towards citation fee (Non-perishable canned goods & dry goods)
  • Five items =$30 towards citation fee (Diapers & personal care items)

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