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Faculty Member Listed Among Most Productive Political Scientists

February 8, 2017

Kenneth Meier.
Political Science professor Dr. Kenneth Meier.

Recent research on the patterns of publishing in political science lists Dr. Kenneth Meier, the Charles H. Gregory chair of Liberal Arts, among the most productive international political scientists. Using an original dataset consisting of more than 67,000 peer-reviewed articles in 96 high impact journals from 1990 to 2013, research indicates that Meier has published 95 papers, more than any other scholar. Dr. Meier scores high on the researchers’ centrality index, which indicates his connectedness with other authors in the field. The success of Meier can be linked to extensive collaboration with other scholars, including his own PhD students. Meier has contributed to a wide range of subfields in political science including public management, race and politics, comparative politics, public policy and political institutions. The study appears in the current issue of PS: Political Science and Politics.

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