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Texas A&M Selects Newest Handler For Reveille X

Cadet Theodore Neal ’26 of Baytown, Texas, will serve as the primary caretaker for the university’s mascot.
By Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marketing & Communications April 20, 2023

Theodore Neal ’26 with Reveille X
Theodore Neal ’26 with Reveille X

Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets


Cadet Theodore Neal ’26 has been named Texas A&M University’s newest Mascot Corporal, the primary caretaker for mascot Reveille X. Neal will serve in this role for the 2023-24 academic year.

Neal is a member of Company E-2 in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. Since 1959, Company E-2, known also as the Mascot Company, has had the distinct privilege of caring for Reveille.

Over the course of the upcoming school year, Neal and the rest of E-2’s rising sophomore class will care for and accompany Reveille X to all of her appearances. As Mascot Corporal, Neal will serve the university in a high-profile capacity, often speaking on Reveille’s behalf to media, faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Prior to his selection as Mascot Corporal, Neal and the rest of E-2’s freshman class of 2026 underwent a semester-long tryout process. This process involved researching the tradition of Reveille and delivering a series of informative speeches on the previous nine Reveilles.

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