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Texas A&M Esports Takes Home National Title

The Aggie team traveled to Idaho to compete and returned home with the National VALORANT Championship win.
By Lesley Henton, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing and Communications June 28, 2024

The members of Texas A&M Esports championship team TAMU Maroon
Texas A&M Esports championship team TAMU Maroon

Courtesy of Riot Scholastic Association of America


The Texas A&M University Esports team, a student-run sports club, took home the National VALORANT Championship title this month, becoming the first collegiate club in the SEC to secure the win.

The five-person team “TAMU Maroon” traveled to Idaho to compete in the national tournament, going in they say as “underdogs” to defeat collegiate teams in the game VALORANT developed by Riot Games, which boasts more than 19 million monthly players.

“Our players have put in hundreds of hours to practice and go over strategies for each map in the game,” said Texas A&M Esports President Pierce Ray. “I’ve stayed up ‘til midnight with them before a tournament while they discussed strategies on the living room TV. They’ve changed as players and as people, they act professionally, and they put their best foot forward every chance they get.”

Tournament winners and overall top performers from each region will be invited to a 32-school, cross-region College VALORANT Championship to be announced.

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