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Texas A&M University Unveils Plans For Faster, Stronger, More Secure Wi-Fi

The "Next Generation Aggie Network" is an investment in 6E technology and will take about three years to complete.
By Jenna Kujawski, Texas A&M University Technology Services October 25, 2022

Next Generation Aggie Network


Texas A&M University operates one of the largest campus data networks in the country and is embarking on a three-year, multi-million-dollar effort to modernize it with 6E technology.

The new “Next Generation Aggie Network” will transform the campus digital experience by providing faster, consistent wireless signals across campus. It will expand coverage in high-traffic outdoor areas and provide better support for data-intensive research efforts across the 5,200-acre campus, Texas A&M Technology Services officials said.

a computer lab on campus
Texas A&M has one of the largest university data networks in the nation.

Laura McKenzie/Texas A&M Division of Marketing & Communications

“On any given day, we have roughly 120,000 unique devices on our network,” said Texas A&M Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Ed Pierson. “When we started designing the Next Generation Aggie Network, we knew we needed a resilient network that could scale quickly and easily as our needs evolved.”

By upgrading the campus community to a stronger, more stable network, employees, students and visitors will notice increased speed and multi-gigabit bandwidth capabilities, strengthened security, expanded wireless coverage and smart technologies.

“Texas A&M is one of a handful of universities across the country investing in 6E technology,” said Greg Hartman, chief operating officer and senior vice president for operations. “With one of the largest university student bodies in the nation, our investment in this infrastructure will help us meet the needs of today while planning for the future.”

Work will take approximately three years to complete and will run in three concurrent phases designed to systematically upgrade each part of the campus network: wireless access points, fiber, network equipment and software. Each step of the project will be planned to minimize the impact on teaching, learning and research, and optimize the benefits to employees, students and visitors.

While improvements will be apparent after each round of updates, the full benefit of the Next-Gen Network will be realized once all project phases – wireless, fiber installation, network switch upgrades – are complete.

“Our focus is on building a smart campus of tomorrow and that requires a secure, reliable, high-performance network,” Pierson said. “The Next Generation Aggie Network will undoubtedly digitally transform our university now and into the future.”

To learn more about the Nex-Gen Network, visit the Next Generation Aggie Network website or email

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