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In Celebration Of The Bush School’s 25th Anniversary, Crazy Socks Creator Designed Something Special

John Cronin and his father, Mark, speak this week at the Bush School of Government and Public Service.
By Bush School of Government and Public Service September 9, 2022

John's Crazy Socks
John’s Crazy Socks

Laura McKenzie/Texas A&M Division of Marketing & Communications


A combined passion for making others happy and going into business with his dad motivated John Cronin to create what’s become the world’s largest sock store with more than 4,000 designs.

In celebration of the Bush School’s 25th anniversary, John, who has Down Syndrome, and his father, Mark, came to Aggieland on Thursday to unveil three unique designs fashioned for John’s Crazy Socks.

The socks — which are available for purchase in the Bush Presidential Library and Museum gift store and online — feature the following: Aggie mascot Reveille and Bush’s service dog, Sully; maroon socks with the A&M logo and the number “41” imprinted inside Union Pacific’s iconic graphic mark; and the UP blue and white train with “4141” inscribed across its engine.

John and Mark Cronin shared the story of how they came to know the 41st president. In 2016, after Mark Cronin and his then 22-year-old son opened up shop, their goals included showing what people with differing abilities like John, could do. A year later, after reading a story about President Bill Clinton giving a pair of colorful socks to President Bush, John Cronin decided to send a box of his company’s socks to President Bush’s office in Houston.

That prompted President Bush’s office to reach out in 2017 for additional socks. John sent a pair of Down Syndrome Superhero socks which he designed.

President Bush then sent him a pair of socks and a letter saying “We knew that people with disabilities like Down Syndrome are capable of doing amazing things if they are given the opportunity. You are a wonderful example of what Americans can do despite the challenges that they face. We are proud of all that you have accomplished.”

The president also wore John’s Down Syndrome Super Hero Socks on World Down Syndrome Day and tweeted about it. He later wore a pair of John’s Crazy Socks to the funeral of his wife, Barbara Bush. John created socks to honor the President and Mrs. Bush and raised money for the Barbara Bush Family Literacy Foundation.

The company, which gives 5 percent of its earnings to charities, has raised more than half a million dollars for Special Olympics, the National Down Syndrome Society and the Autism Society of America.

To watch Thursday’s lunchtime talk on campus with John and Mark Cronin, go here. To learn more about the Bush School of Government & Public Service, visit

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