It Pays To Get The Vaccine

Names drawn in Texas A&M’s voluntary incentive program.
By Texas A&M University October 15, 2021

Emails were sent today notifying five Texas A&M University students and five employees that they were selected as a winner in the Voluntary Vaccine Incentive Program.

This is a friendly reminder for everyone to check their email accounts to see if you are a prize winner.

To verify eligibility for the program and move ahead to prize acceptance, winners must submit several identification documents and a copy of the vaccine card, as stated in the email sent to the winners this afternoon. They also are asked to sign a form that acknowledges winning the prize.

This must be done no later than 12 p.m. (noon) Monday, Oct. 18.

The accounting firm Ingram, Wallis & Co. managed the random drawing, which allows for an alternate winner should the original person not be eligible.

Eligibility for the Voluntary Vaccine *Incentive Program is detailed in the terms and conditions posted for students* and employees*.

Free vaccines continue to be offered on the Texas A&M campus for students, faculty and staff.

Once verified, the winners will be announced to the public next week.

* This link is no longer active and has been removed.

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