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Texas A&M Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

A variety of events will highlight the Hispanic/Latinx landscape through music, food and film.
By Justin Ikpo, Texas A&M Multicultural Services September 11, 2020


National Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) will begin on September 15 and end on October 15. For 2020, HHM will be celebrated through numerous Texas A&M events paying tribute to the culture, impact, and heritage of the Hispanic/Latinx community from September 7 through October 20.

Coordinated at Texas A&M by the Hispanic Presidents’ Council (HPC), HHM will feature collaborations with numerous campus student organizations, departments, and units. The opening ceremony will be live-streamed on Tuesday, September 15 on YouTube Live. The full HHM calendar can be found here.

“HPC’s goal this year is to remind the Hispanic/Latinx community at Texas A&M that this is their home, that they are welcome here, and that they are free to express their culture and heritage,” said Max Lopez, HPC President. “We hope that the entire campus student body joins us in this celebration, and ideally, hope that these events can serve as an outlet for students to express themselves and meet new people.”

While some events held throughout the month will highlight the Hispanic/Latinx landscape through music, food, and film, other events will include discussions on topics ranging from identity, intersectionality, immigration, and campus resources.

“I hope attendees walk away with insight about new cultures, identities, and traditions that they might not have known about prior,” said Karina Saldana, HPC Director of Operations. “Most of all, I hope the Hispanic/Latinx community on campus feels proud and represented during this month.”

HHM is sponsored by The Association of Former Students and HPC, a student organization affiliated with the Department of Multicultural Services.

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