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Howdy Week Digital Treasure Hunt

Winners will receive a First Day Survival Kit.
By Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications Staff August 11, 2020

a photo of a first day survival kit
The First Day Survival Kit.

Texas A&M Division of Marketing & Communications


This fall semester is going to look different than you were expecting (and what we were, too!), but that isn’t going to stop us from having some Howdy Week fun!

Over the next hour, we are hosting the first ever Howdy Week Digital Treasure Hunt for all current students.

This treasure hunt will require you to travel through Texas A&M’s digital footprint with a series of clues to uncover secret codes. Codes will be found across the internet on social media accounts, the campus map, and may even require some creative Googling.

The first 300 students who complete this hunt will win a First Day Survival Kit filled with everything you will need for your first day back in Aggieland, including special goodies from Texas A&M and Pepsi! Kits will be mailed to treasure hunt winners once their hunt is completed, and only one kit can be won per person.

Most codes will be a phrase or a random series of letters or numbers that will be added to the end of a link in your web browser to take you to the next clue, unless otherwise noted. All codes are at least four characters long. Once you find a code, you will type it into your web browser like this to head to your next clue:

So for example, if the clue you find happens to be the words “Good Ag,” you would enter into your web browser to take you to the next clue. A First Day Survival Kit cannot be earned without finding and completing each of the 12 clues.

We encourage you to complete the treasure hunt on your own – remember, an Aggie does not lie, cheat, steal, nor spoils the fun for others!

Are you a current student and up for the challenge?  Then let’s get started! Good luck and Gig ’em!

Your first clue can be found here:

Media contact: Lesley Henton,

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