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Texas A&M Mascot Reveille IX To Be Featured On Disney+ Show

Reveille will be featured May 29 in the third episode of the show 'It's A Dog's Life' on Disney's streaming channel.
By Lesley Henton, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications May 27, 2020

a photo of Reveille IX, Bill Farmer, Colton Ray and two other cadets sawing 'em off at the Texas A&M-Auburn football game on Sept. 21, 2019
“It’s a Dog’s Life” host Bill Farmer learns how to Saw ‘Em Off at the Texas A&M-Auburn game at Kyle Field on Sept. 21, 2019.

Texas A&M Division of Marketing & Communications


Texas A&M University’s mascot Reveille IX will be the subject of an upcoming episode of the new Disney+ show “It’s A Dog’s Life.” The episode featuring the university’s long-haired Collie mascot will be available on the streaming channel on Friday, May 29.

The show’s host and film crew spent time on campus last fall working closely with university staff and students, filming Reveille as she conducted many of her mascot duties, including Corps March-in and her appearance at the home football game against Auburn on Sept. 21.

Reveille’s handler, Corps of Cadets Mascot Corporal Colton Ray ’22, a geographic information science and technology major from Greenbrier, Ark., will appear on the show. He spent several days escorting “It’s A Dog’s Life” host Bill Farmer around campus with Reveille, as she met and excited fans everywhere she went.

“I grew up watching Disney shows and movies, so to have the opportunity to represent Miss Rev and our university on that high of a level is truly an honor,” said Ray, a sophomore at the time of filming. “My family and I are very excited to watch it together.”

Farmer is best known as the voices of the Disney characters “Goofy” and “Pluto,” roles he’s played for more than 30 years.

In “It’s A Dog’s Life,” Farmer travels around the country meeting “dogs with jobs,” including search and rescue, guide dogs and sheep dogs. Reveille is the only university mascot to be featured in the show’s inaugural season.

Farmer said he was amazed to witness the loving and devoted relationship that Reveille has with Aggies, and it was a pleasure getting to spend time with the “Queen of Aggieland.”

“She has a life that I want — a life befitting a queen,” he said. “Everywhere we went, everyone was so excited to see her. You could see it in their faces. It was like seeing Brad Pitt running around on campus.”

He described Reveille as “enthusiastic” and “the sweetest dog ever,” and said he experienced Texas hospitality while on campus.

“All of the students were so kind and generous. Everyone was kind – just the best – it was a totally exciting adventure,” he said.

During his stay, Farmer attended a military science class with Reveille, visited Ray’s dorm and met Aggies and campus visitors in the Memorial Student Center. He even attended the mascot’s six-hour long appointment with a groomer in Bryan, the university’s neighboring town.

After participating in a Corps drill, in which Farmer said he gave the drill sergeant a ripe opportunity to make fun of his ineptitude, the cadet refused. “He was just too kind,” Farmer said.

Ray said filming with Disney was an outstanding experience.

“They were respectful of our time and respectful to Reveille most of all. It was just a normal day in the life of Reveille, aside from having the voice of Goofy ask you questions and three cameras following you around,” he joked.

Ray’s job as Reveille’s handler will conclude at the end of the summer, and a new mascot corporal will be chosen. He said whoever gets the job, and the rest of Company E-2, the Corp of Cadet’s mascot company, should be prepared for and enjoy opportunities like the Disney show when they come along.

“Getting to represent the university with Miss Rev is a huge honor and responsibility, and you never know what cards are going to be dealt to you,” he said. “When you get opportunities to be a part of a production like this, just enjoy it and have fun with it.”

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