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Bonfire Memorial Closed Aug. 22 – Oct. 31

The Bonfire Memorial walkways will undergo maintenance in order be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.
By Molly Painter, University Art Galleries August 15, 2019

Bonfire Memorial
The Bonfire Memorial celebrates the tradition, history, and spirit of Texas A&M and the dedication of those involved in the tragic collapse of the 1999 Bonfire.

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The Texas A&M University Bonfire Memorial walkways will undergo renovation Aug. 22 – Oct. 31 in order to be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. During this time, the Bonfire Memorial and the adjacent Bonfire Memorial parking lot will be closed.

Loose gravel on the Bonfire Memorial walkways are difficult to maintain and pose accessibility concerns to visitors of the site. After consultation with Robert Shemwell of Overland Partners, Inc. in San Antonio, one of the original designers of the memorial, Texas A&M University settled on a solution that will maintain the original design.

Maintenance will consist of current gravel removal, regrading of walkways and new gravel installation, along with a topical application of Klingstone, a water permeable product that binds materials together. Similar applications of this product have been used elsewhere on campus.

During construction, the granite and bronze portals and the granite history walk will be covered for protection and preservation purposes.

The newly graded walkways at the Bonfire Memorial will ensure that people of all abilities are able to visit the site, a memorial to the 12 lives lost at the bonfire collapse in 1999.

To learn more, visit the Texas A&M University Bonfire Memorial website.

Media contact: Molly Painter, University Art Galleries, Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs, 979-845-8501,

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