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Texas A&M Claims The Most Top Fortune 500 CEOs

U.S. News & World Report found that four Aggies serve in executive roles at companies in the top tier of the Fortune 500 list.
By Keith Randall, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications June 20, 2019

Texas A&M University has more top 100 corporate CEOs than any other university in the country, according to a recent survey by U.S. News and World Report.

Texas A&M has four CEOs in the top fifth of the Fortune 500 list, the most of any school, while the University of Michigan and Penn State University each have three.

The four Aggie CEOs are:

Broussard and Cordani are graduates of Mays Business School while Woods’ degree is in electrical engineering and Garland’s degree is in chemical engineering.

“We are proud that our students are so highly regarded and our graduates are ascending to the top of the Fortune 500 list of CEOs,” said Michael K. Young, president of Texas A&M University. “These senior executives on the list today and those for years to come fulfill the mission of Texas A&M of graduating leaders who serve, wherever their chosen pathways take them.”

Other schools include Dartmouth College, Duke University, Harvard, Illinois State, Michigan State, Princeton, Purdue, Stanford, the University of Kentucky and the University of Pennsylvania with two CEOs each.

Among the most well-known on the list are Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who graduated from the University of Nebraska, and Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon who is a Princeton graduate.

Douglas McMillon, CEO of Walmart, leads the top-ranked company on the Fortune 500 list and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas.

The list says that not all CEOs went the college route.

Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, who heads Facebook, dropped out of Harvard after his sophomore year and Randall Jones of Publix Super Markets did not attend college.

Texas A&M recently recorded a milestone when it awarded its 500,000th degree since it opened in 1876.

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