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Texas A&M Visualization Grads Give An Insider’s Look At Digital World Building At SXSW

Animation experts showed how digital worlds in video games and films go from a big idea to the screen at Texas A&M [Power] House.
By Sam Peshek, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications March 11, 2019

Digital world-building technology is constantly changing, but the goal remains the same: create interactive environments that elicit an emotional reaction from audiences.

That’s the message from three visualization experts at Pixar Animation Studios, EA-BioWare and Flight School who gave an insider’s look at how digital worlds in films and video games come to life during the World-Building Creativity & Technology panel talk at Texas A&M [Power] House in Austin on Monday.

At the SXSW Interactive Festival, EA-BioWare Technical Art Director Gracie Arenas Strittmatter, Flight School CEO Kyle Clark and Pixar Animation Studios Technical Director Laura Murphy shared how their experience as Texas A&M University visualization students formed their creative imagination on the panel moderated by Department of Visualization Head Tim McLaughlin, who worked on Star Wars and Jurassic Park.

Discussion topics included how to reign a design team’s creative ambitions, learning not to fear artificial intelligence, connecting emotionally with audiences and the value of human creativity.

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