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Camp Brisket 2019 Draws International Pitmasters To Texas A&M

Attendees learned the finer points of the culinary art of BBQ from famed Texas pitmasters like Tootsie Tomanetz of Snow’s BBQ.
By Jeff Savell, Texas A&M University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences January 22, 2019

The seventh Camp Brisket, a joint venture between Foodways Texas and the Meat Science Section of the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, was held on January 4-5, 2019 at the Rosenthal Meat Center and the Beef Cattle Center at the O.D. Butler Animal Science Complex.

About 70 participants from around the U.S., United Kingdom, and New Zealand embarked on a journey to learn more about the ultimate challenge preparing that most difficult dish of Texas Barbecue cuisine, the brisket.

This year’s Camp Brisket was coordinated by Texas A&M University meat science educators, Davey Griffin, Ray Riley, and Jeff Savell, and who were assisted by graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff including Wade Baty, Hayden Blumberg, Kyle Caldwell, Morgan Foster, Clayton Garrett, Eric Hamilton, Brogan Horton, Jenna Hunt, Ty Robertson, Trent Schwartz, Chandler Steele, Holly Sanders, and Wilsey Wendler. These great folks ensured that the needs of the briskets, pitmasters, and guests were attended to through the camp.

Marvin Bendele, Foodways Texas, welcomed the participants to Camp Brisket. Greetings and introductions are part of the beginning of each Camp Brisket. Getting to know each other is one way to create community that is so important when we conduct these workshops.

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This article by Jeff Savell originally appeared on the College of Agriculture website.

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