Texas A&M MSC Freshman Leadership International Seeking Donations For Refugee Students In Houston

Texas A&M students walk through the Memorial Student Center. (Texas A&M Marketing & Communications)

Texas A&M students walk through the Memorial Student Center. (Texas A&M Marketing & Communications)

By Texas A&M University MSC Freshman Leadership International

During this season of giving, residents of the Bryan-College Station area will have the opportunity to aid international refugee children by donating goods such as toiletries and clothing.

Beginning this week, MSC Freshman Leadership International (MSC FLI) at Texas A&M University will be accepting donations as part of the SHARes (Students Helping Aid Refugees) program, which benefits the Las Americas Newcomer School in Houston, Texas.

The Las Americas school educates recent immigrant and refugee students who have little English proficiency and often arrive with limited prior education from their home countries. The school’s goal is to guide students in acculturation into the U.S. school system and give them basic skills in English and core academic studies.

Refugees from over 35 nations, including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Nicaragua and Venezuela, are represented in the school population. More than 30 different languages are spoken in the school, and the English program offers nine levels of proficiency, which students are expected to achieve.

MSC Freshman Leadership International is collecting non-monetary , day-to-day necessities, such as new hygiene items (toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, etc.), new or slightly worn clothes and other home goods. Donation boxes will be set up in the following locations:

  • Memorial Student Center
  • Hullaballoo Hall
  • The Commons
  • White Creek Apartments
  • Evans Library
  • Student Programs Office

Donations will be collected until Nov. 30, and delivered to Las Americas by members of MSC FLI. They also will spend the day working on projects at the school and visiting with the refugee students.

According to Harsh Mehta, MSC FLI program director, the trip last year changed his mind-set and gave him a passion for helping others.

“The SHARes program allows us to give to a community that don’t have a lot of possessions,” Mehta said. “Program participants have the opportunity to reflect on their privilege and understand the struggle of those attending Las Americas.”

Media contact: Jamie Arrexi, (979) 845-1515, jarrexi@tamu.edu; Harsh Mehta, hmehta6974@tamu.edu; Rhonda Collins, rhonda@tamu.edu.

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