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Aggie Agora To Host Constitutional Convention

September 14, 2017

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By Elena Watts, Texas A&M Marketing and Communications

Aggie Agora, a non-partisan liberal arts group that facilitates public discourse and civic engagement at Texas A&M University, is hosting its annual Constitutional Convention in Bolton Hall, Room 213, the day after Constitution Day, Monday, Sept. 18, from noon to 3 p.m.

“Debating the merits of the constitution is an import part of citizenship. When we live under an established constitution, it’s difficult to understand how we’ve ‘consented’ to the government, and this gives attendees a chance to do that,” said Jennifer Mercieca, director of Aggie Agora and associate professor of communication at Texas A&M. “​Ultimately, we all benefit when we understand how the government is designed to function.”

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The attendees will have the opportunity to think for themselves about the good and bad aspects of the constitution and decide what needs changing, Mercieca said. They will learn more about the constitution, the history of the Constitutional Convention and the difficulty of constitutional revision.

“It is surprisingly difficult to propose amendments, form​ committees to discuss them, revise and refine amendments, and reach consensus,” she said. “Convention attendees both learn more about the constitution itself and about the deliberative process.”

Attendees will listen to the arguments made by their fellow delegates, propose and debate amendments to the constitution, and report their progress. Each will enjoy a complimentary lunch and receive a tricorn hat and a pocket copy of the constitution.

“I hope that they learn to think critically about the constitution and that they become more engaged members of the political community,” Mercieca said. “Also, ​I hope that they always remember the time that they got to wear a tricorn hat and debate the merits of the constitution!”​

Registration is open until the event on Sept. 18 or until space is filled. Register by clicking this link: ​


Media contact: Jennifer Mercieca, director of Aggie Agora and associate professor of communication at Texas A&M, 979-845-5500 or; or Elena Watts, Division of Marketing & Communications, 979-458-8412 or

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