In Case You Missed It — Week Of March 6

An autumn wildfire blazes in the Appalachian Mountains. (Shutterstock)

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1) Texas A&M Researcher Examines Impact Of Fire Prevention On Appalachian Forest

2) ‘Orange is the New Black’ Star To Texas A&M Students: ‘Love Yourself’

3) First Division I Basketball Player With Autism Shares Message At Annual Conference

4) Texas State Chemist, AgriLife Research Hosts Kenya Parliament Members

5) Bush School Students Take Part In 85th Texas Legislature Through Capstone Course

This illustration depicts a view of the night sky from a hypothetical planet within the youthful Milky Way galaxy 10 billion years ago. The heavens are ablaze with a firestorm of star birth. Glowing pink clouds of hydrogen gas harbor countless newborn stars, and the bluishwhite hue of young star clusters litter the landscape.

Texas A&M In The News

3.7 billion-year-old bacteria may hold key to finding life on other planets — USA Today

Boll Weevil: A Scourge That America and Mexico Fight Together — The New York Times

Diagnostic Mammograms Catch More Cancers, But There’s A DownsideCBS News

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