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Liberal Arts Graduate Earns Top Score On Texas Bar Exam

January 5, 2017

Lynne Powers
Lynne Powers ’12

Thanks to an elementary school mock trial program, Lynne Powers ’12 first became interested in practicing law in the fourth grade. When she took the Texas Bar Exam, she earned the highest score out of almost 3,000 people. She is only the third woman in the past 10 years to earn top marks on this issue of the Texas Bar Exam.

Powers earned two bachelor’s degrees in communication and sociology from the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M. Knowing her chosen career path when she came to Aggieland meant she was able to tailor her class schedule to best prepare her for law school. Powers considers the broad range of disciplines and topics offered in a liberal arts curriculum can be a valuable asset in any profession.

“Liberal arts is not like an engineering degree in the sense that you must do one specific job. There’s not a specific field or career that you have to go into with a liberal arts degree. It’s more about making it your own,” she said.

Powers attended law school at Loyola University New Orleans and returned to Texas after graduation to become an associate for the Morgan, Lewis & Bockius firm in Houston. True to the Aggie core values, Powers believes service is a crucial element of being a lawyer.

The concept stems from a childhood memory in which Powers was upset by her mother coming home late from work. Her mother explained she had stopped to help a man who had broken down because she felt it was her responsibility. This selfless service mentality has stayed with Powers and has shaped her law career.

“Being a lawyer is a gift, but it’s also a duty. It’s all about helping people who can’t help themselves,” she said.

Powers said the path to becoming a lawyer is challenging and requires commitment and passion.

“Believe in yourself. Even if you’re told no, don’t give up on your dreams,” she said.

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This story originally appeared from the College of Liberal Arts.

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