ExxonMobil Foundation Presents More Than $2 Million To Texas A&M Foundation

The ExxonMobil Foundation has presented a check for more than $2 million to the Texas A&M Foundation. The funds represent contributions made by the company’s employees, retirees, surviving spouses and directors as well as ExxonMobil’s 3-to-1 unrestricted match of these donations under the ExxonMobil Foundation’s 2012 Educational Matching Gift Program.

Each of these donors chooses a specific Texas A&M college, department or program to benefit from his or her gift.

Texas A&M Foundation President Ed Davis (right) accepts a check for more than $2 million from Mark Albers, ExxonMobil Senior Vice President (left).

Texas A&M Foundation President Ed Davis (right) accepts a check for more than $2 million from Mark Albers, ExxonMobil Senior Vice President (left).

“ExxonMobil employees and retirees have a long history of generous support for higher education,” said Suzanne McCarron, president of the ExxonMobil Foundation. “We are pleased to be able build on their commitment and invest in the development of the next generation leaders and innovators from Texas A&M, a flagship university in Texas.”

The ExxonMobil Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program has provided more than $500 million to higher education since 1962. Under the program, the ExxonMobil Foundation provides matching funds for donations to colleges and universities with which employees or retirees are affiliated. Since the program’s inception in 1962, Texas A&M has received more than $14 million from the matching gift program.

In 2012, former ExxonMobil executive Daniel Zivney pledged to create the Nancy and Dan Zivney ’73 Faculty Fellows in Chemical Engineering fund in support of teaching, research, service and professional development in the department. With the addition of the matching contribution from the ExxonMobil Foundation Program, the pledge will reach $200,000 in the next few years.

“Giving back to Texas A&M University’s chemical engineering department allows future students to have the same opportunities I had,” Zivney said. “I am proud that my company can extend the impact of our donation to the university.”

Zivney earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University in 1973 before embarking on a career with ExxonMobil. He retired four years ago and relocated to Florida with his wife Nancy. They spend their time traveling, playing golf and visiting their children, Lindsay and Derek ’06.

The ExxonMobil Foundation, along with ExxonMobil employees, retirees and surviving spouses gave more than $40 million to 871 U.S. educational institutions through the ExxonMobil Foundation 2012 Educational Matching Gift Program.


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