Scholarships And Financial Aid Office Welcomes 2012-2013 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarships & Financial Aid hosted the annual Dependent Children of Faculty/Staff and Support Staff Scholarship reception at the Memorial Student Center Robert M. Gates Ballroom on Nov. 10. The event honored scholarship recipients for the 2012-2013 academic year. Christopher Gillar “˜13, Mays Business School student and scholarship recipient, was the guest speaker for the program. Gillar spoke on behalf of scholarship recipients, noting how this scholarship has helped him with his educational pursuits. He has received the scholarship for the past four years.

The following are the new scholarship recipients for 2012-2013 academic year:

Kayla Allison, Sarah Almand, Lyndal Arceneaux, Shelby Astle, Andrew Baxter, Amanda Blum, Giacomo Bonasera, David Buchheit, Rebecca Burch, Christopher Byrne, Amberly Carey, Courtney Cassle, Divya Chowdhary, Mason Cote, Anthony Criscione, Abner Cruz Aguilar, Joshua Dangott, Thomas Davidson, Vivian Deng, Michele Ebbole, Patricia Flores, Monesia Ford, Ryan Gates, Jenna Goldsby Morgan, Claudia Gomez, Amanda Gough, Andrew Gustafson, Madison Haas, Ryan Hall, Lorian Hopcus, Stacy Howard, Byung Kim, Eszter Kish, Lazar Kish, Hannah Kovar, Lara Kreuter, Clint Lanham, Sarah Lanham, Yaniss Longoria, Samantha Marquez, Dennise Martinez, Stephen McConnell, Karen McVay, Laura Melton, Kristen Moehlman, Alicia Murphy, Katherine Park, Allyson Peters, Courtney Peters, Ashley Peters, Melanie Ramirez, Christopher Ramirez, Michael Randolph, Raul Reddy, Julianne Riley, Aimee Roubion, Debra Roussel, Jack Rowe, Caleb Sierra, Tinka Stoessel, Meghan Strawser, Madeline Street, Jeffrey Taliaferro, Cody Taylor, Brenna Thompson, Gabriela Valdez, Marc Vogelsang, James Vogelsang, Anna Walker, Scott Weaver, Kirby Williamson, Elizabeth Young, and Dean Zhu.

The scholarship recipients were selected by a committee in the spring semester. Currently, incoming freshman and continuing student scholarship applications are available for the 2013-2014 academic year. Scholarships are awarded based upon financial need and/or merit, demonstrated leadership, extracurricular activities, volunteer services and employment.

For more information on scholarships for dependents of Texas A&M faculty and staff, click here or contact Tammy Thomas at (979) 458-5411.


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