Non-Traditional Student Appreciation Week

Non-traditional students are an essential part of Texas A&M University. Texas A&M enrolls over 7,000 non-traditional students. This year, the University is participating in Non-Traditional Student Appreciation week, Nov. 5-9.

A non-traditional student is defined as any student who has life experiences that create a non-traditional collegiate experience, including any of the following: over age 25, married or partnered, having children, a veteran of a branch of the Armed Services, a student who works full-time, or a student who is enrolled part-time.

Non-Traditional Student Appreciation Week serves to recognize the hard work and dedication of non-traditional students across the nation. The Office of Adult, Graduate and Off-Campus Student Services invites everyone to join in the effort to support these students.

For more information, contact the Office of Adult, Graduate and Off-Campus Student Services at 979-845-1741 or email





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