A&M Acting On Email Message That Inadvertently Included Some Alumni SS Numbers

COLLEGE STATION, April 13, 2012 ““ Texas A&M University officials announced today (April 13) that the Social Security numbers of some former students who graduated  before 1985 and who requested copies of their transcripts of record were inadvertently made public.

Vice President and Associate Provost for Information Technology Pierce Cantrell said 3,973 Social Security numbers, names, addresses and telephone numbers were in an electronic file that was mistakenly attached to an email message sent to an individual who subsequently notified the university of the mistake.

“Texas A&M University, as do all institutions of higher education, collects and stores a wide variety of personal information from students, alumni, faculty, staff and customers,” Cantrell noted. “We treat this personal information with the utmost care and diligence, but there is always the possibility of human error, and, regrettably, it occurred in this instance.”

He said the incident, which occurred Thursday (April 12), was discovered and immediately reported to him and other key university officials.

“Even though we believe this incident puts these former students at low risk of identity theft, we will notify those individuals affected, as required by university rules and state laws,” Cantrell said. “We deeply regret this happened, and have taken immediate action to restrict access to this file.”

He said individual former students who desire more information should direct their inquiries to the Office of the Registrar at registrar@tamu.edu.


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