Texas A&M Reports Record Enrollment For Spring Semester

Texas A&M enrollment totals more than 46,000 students

Texas A&M spring enrollment totals more than 46,000 students

Spring semester enrollment at Texas A&M University totaled at a record 46,717 students as of the institution’s 12th class day, for an increase of 295 over the certified figure for the spring 2011 semester, university officials reported today.

Official certified enrollment is based on the 20th class-day total, as tabulated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, but officials note the difference between the 12th and 20th class-day figures typically varies only slightly. The 12th-day figure is what is initially reported to the Coordinating Board.

Spring semester enrollment is traditionally less than that for the fall semester because of the large number of students who graduate in December, university officials note. Texas A&M’s 2011 fall enrollment was a record 49,861.

Both of Texas A&M’s branch campuses also have record enrollments. Texas A&M University at Galveston reported a spring enrollment of 1,882, for an increase of 122, and Texas A&M University at Qatar has 524 students this spring, for a gain of 48.


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