Drought And Heat Experts

Texas is in the middle of an historic drought and heat wave,  and both are affecting virtually every resident of the state.  Texas A&M University has numerous faculty experts and agency officials who can speak about various aspects of the drought and heat– such as water supplies, effects on pets, exercising outdoors, wildfires and other topics.

 Drought Causes, Drought History

John Nielsen-Gammon is a professor of atmospheric sciences who also serves as State Climatologist.  He is well versed about virtually all aspects of droughts in Texas, including the historic droughts, such as those in the 1950s and 1917-18.  He can be reached at (979)845-4644 or n-g@tamu.edu

Don Conlee is a professor of atmospheric sciences who is familiar with droughts and frequently assists the State Climatologist.  He also is an expert on weather balloons. He can be reached at (979) 845-5099 orconlee@ariel.met.tamu.edu or

parched earth with sparse grassPredicting Drought, Effects on Soil and Crops

Travis Miller serves as professor of the Soil and Crop Science Department in Texas A&M’S College of Agriculture  and is a program leader for  the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.   He has conducted numerousstudies on droughts and how they affect crops and planting seasons.  He can be reached at (979) 845-4808 or td-miller@tamu.edu

Steve Quiring is a geography professor who has  conducted extensive studies about  how to predict droughts in the Great Plains region, and how long-term droughts affect soils and moisture content in soils.  He can be reached at (979) 458-1712 or squiring@geog.tamu.edu

Texas Wildfires, Texas Forest Service

Tom Spencer and Brad Smith are predictive service analysts with the Texas Forest Service  and  can speak about drought, weather, fire behavior patterns, etc. to predict when and where a wildfire might occur.  Spencer is at (979) 458-7331 or tspencer@tfs.tamu.edu in College Station and Smith is Longview (903) 297-4840 or bsmith@tfs.tamu.edu

For more information about the Texas Forest Service, go to http://ticc.tamu.edu/PredictiveServices/predictiveservices.htm

Hot Weather and Pets

Bonnie Beaver (bbeaver@cvm.tamu.edu), Deb Zoran (dzoran@cvm.tamu.edu) and Mark Stickney (mstickney@cvm.tamu.edu), all professors of veterinary medicine, can be reached at (979) 845-2351. They are experts on how rising temperatures affect pets and they can give owners tips on how to deal with the intense heat – pets can also suffer from heatstroke. Beaver is a past president of the American Veterinary Medical Association and is a nationally known pet behavior expert.

Texas Water Resources Institute

This Texas A&M affiliated agency has helpful information, maps and other useful data about water in Texas.  Information about the institute and its resources can be accessed at http://twri.tamu.edu/

Texas Drought Information Center

This agency coordinates drought information statewide and has numerous resources regarding drought, including affiliated agencies. Contact Steve Byrns, the  Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s communications specialist in San Angelo, who also heads up the Drought Joint Information Center that now  includes wildfires, at (325) 653-4576 ext. 215 or s-byrns@tamu.edu or go to  http://agrilife.tamu.edu/drought/  .

Exercise and Working Out In Hot Weather

Tim Lightfoot (tlightfoot@hlkn.tamu.edu), director of the Sydney and J.L. Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance,can discuss how rising temperatures affect workouts and why people should alter their workout schedule in intense heat.

DottieDee Agnor (dangor@hlkn.tamu.edu), Gayden Darnell (gdarnell@hlkn.tamu.edu) and Kirstin Brekken Shea (kbs@tamu.edu) are associate professors and t  authors of the textbook “Health and Fitness: A Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle.” They can discuss tips to deal with heat while working out.

Carl Gabbard (c-gabbard@tamu.edu), director of the Motor Development Laboratory and an avid runner, can speak about exercising in the heat and how the body tries to cope with rising temperatures.

 All of the above can be reached at (979) 845-3109.


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