WSJ: Texas A&M Second Nationally in Producing Top Grads

COLLEGE STATION, Sept. 13, 2010 -Texas A&M University ranks second nationally in a Wall Street Journal study in which large U.S. companies, non-profits and governmental agencies rated schools on the basis of whose graduates were best prepared and most able to succeed.

Texas A&M was headed only by Penn State in the study reported on the front page of The Wall Street Journal Monday (Sept. 13), with the paper noting that 479 large companies and other major entities were surveyed.

The study revealed that top public institutions were generally favored over Ivy League and other private institutions when big employers are seeking recent graduates to fill entry-level positions, with 19 of the largest state universities dominating the paper’s “top 25″ list.

“The Journal research represents a systematic effort to assess colleges by surveying employers’ recruiters – who decide where to seek out new hires – instead of relying primarily on measures such as student test scores, college admission rates or graduates’ starting salaries,” noted Jennifer Merritt, the WSJ reporter who wrote the page-one story.

She said in the article that recruiters’ perceptions “matter all the more given that employers today are visiting fewer schools, particularly due to the weak economy.”

Other schools among the top 10 on the Wall Street Journal list: ( in order, after Penn State and Texas A&M) University of Illinois, Purdue, Arizona State, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, University of Maryland, University of Florida and Carnegie Mellon University.

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